Surgery Consultation and 3 Month Scan Results!

Hi Friends!

While I didn’t get to go into the hospital for round 6 on 1.28.19 I had a good week to get my counts, platelets, and hemoglobin back up to where they were supposed to be. I had another blood transfusion during this week delay (that makes 3 now lol) which really helped with my dizziness and always being out of breath.

I went into the hospital on 2.4.19 for my Round 6, 5-day chemo. Everything went as expected, threw up some which have become normal during this chemo but I slept quite a lot which was nice. (My surgeon apparently came in my room last week with his whole team and I was just passed out lol, I’m not surprised). My mental state was a lot better during this past round since it is usually so tough on me. Overall, I am home, resting and doing well since this last round.

Today, we met with my surgeon and reviewed the scans we took on Friday in the hospital before I went home. Just as a little reminder, my scans in November showed a soft tissue and bone tumor wrapped around the upper part of my right fibula (basically, like a ball with a stick through the middle, or as my surgeon referred to it, it looked like a fat corndog, lol). The tumor was roughly 11cm long and 5-6cm wide 3 months ago. The scans also previously showed 2 little dots on my lungs that were too small to identify as anything. The soft tissue cancer cells surrounding my fibula bone are dead. HUGE Praise to God. All we could see on the scans of my leg was that my fibula bone had a dark material that may or may not be alive cancer cells or dead cancer cells. (To know this it will require a pathology test on the bone to tell if the bone tumor is alive or dead).  The surgeon said my tumor has responded amazingly to the chemotherapy. The 2 little dots on my lungs from 3 months ago are still present which is also what we wanted to hear because if they had grown or gone away due to chemotherapy then that would’ve meant they are cancer cells but they aren’t! They are just some old spots on my lungs either from a previous sickness or because I live in Texas where the air is not as crisp as that sweet Ozark air in Arkansas.

After learning about my scans we discussed what surgery would look like. My surgeon is presenting my case at our team’s Sarcoma conference tomorrow to discuss my scans and what his plan would be to remove the tumor. There the team will decide if surgery or radiation would be the best for my tumor. I am like 97% they will decide surgery but we will learn that decision in the next few days!

Surgery is tentatively planned for February 26th, pending if my counts and platelets are good as well as if they decide to move forward with surgery instead of radiation. Since my tumor has shrunk and died so much, we are able to save and protect my nerve that I had damage to at the beginning. We thought he would have to remove the nerve along with the tumor but that isn’t the case anymore! The doctor would remove the top of my fibula bone and down about 6 inches and leave the rest. Since your fibula is non-weight bearing, technically you don’t need it to walk so he would not have to replace it with anything. He would detach the ligaments that are attached to the fibula bone and reattach them to my tibia bone so I would have a full range of motion post-surgery. (This was pretty incredible to me). When he removes the dead soft tissue and my bone, they will run a pathology test to see if they have clear margins to check that no cancer has spread or is alive. This pathology test will test my bone to see if the tumor in the bone is alive or dead since that is something you cannot see on the scans. After surgery, I would be in a leg brace for several weeks working on regaining strength and movement!

Basically, today is a great day to rejoice because God has continued to provide and care of us and heal me during this time. We are overwhelmed and thrilled with the news today and how good our sweet Father is to us.


3 thoughts on “Surgery Consultation and 3 Month Scan Results!

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  1. This is wonderful news! I am so glad to hear the report of healing and hope! I will keep praying for you, along with so many others. Thank you for the update! 🙂

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  2. Melissa, I am Suzanne’s mom. So happy to hear your good news and clarity provided about what is going on with yu now and what is planned for the future. There is an abundance of LOVE for you in ADPi. I will keep you on my prayer list for continued healing and full recovery. Sending love and prayers and hope.

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