Round 3 Starts Tomorrow!

Hi Friends!

Sorry, it has been so long.  Writing an updated blog has been on my to-do list but every time I realize I haven’t written it, its bedtime lol.

Round 2 went much smoother than round 1. We found a different way to take one of the chemotherapy drugs I’m on and it has helped immensely with nausea and taste. I was also given an antibiotic to take starting before and after finishing the chemotherapy to help with its side effects and it also worked great. Safe to say this has been a better round. I will still have a stomach ache here and there but it’s okay.

Throughout the past 3 weeks, I’ve had a couple of appointments! Two with the prosthetist and one with the surgeon.

The one with the surgeon’s PA went well. It was a month check-up to see how my scar is healing and take an x-ray of my limb to see how the bone is. The PA said that everything looks great and she was very pleased with how it looked. We will go back again in 3 months for a checkup but she released me to begin working on getting my new leg.

The first appointment with my prosthetist was to do two things: receive a liner and do an assessment for the insurance company of how mobile I am. Recently I have been wearing a shrinker to make my limb as small as possible to get a liner. The liner is what I wear over my limb when I wear my leg. At first, I hated it… really for a few days I hated it but the pain from breaking it in finally started to go away which was good. I did great on the assessment and scored as high as you can score so that will help a lot with getting my leg. Then my second appointment with him was today. Today I got a liner one size smaller because my limb had already shrunk more and we casted my leg to begin the process of creating my socket. The socket of the leg is the top part, above the knee that holds the limb when walking (basically the thigh). It was a lot of fun honestly doing this appointment because it means I will take my first steps on a leg on Monday which is crazy to me but exciting/nerve-wracking.

I have an appointment tomorrow at the oncologist’s office to check my counts and to start chemo tomorrow. This will be round 3. I will start chemo tomorrow and it’ll go through Sunday.

Other than that we’ve been enjoying the cooler weather in Texas and also very thankful for it. I’ve made lots of pumpkin bread – currently making more now as I write this. It’s my favorite thing to eat and sometimes the only thing I will want to eat in the day but that’s okay!


  • Round 3 goes well
  • Continued healing/strength in my limb
  • Walking the first time goes well
  • We continue to stay positive during this very long process that cancer seems to be

***ALSO – its flu season so if you want to see me in the next 5 months, you need to get your flu shot, thank you!***

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  1. Melissa, I am so happy to hear all your good news and I will pray that round three goes even better than the last. I will keep praying for your healing and for adjustment to your leg and the walking to go smoothly. You are such a brave and strong young woman! You just amaze me! Sending you lots of love and prayers! -Leslie

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