Round 3 Recap, Round 4 & 9 Week Scans

Hi Friends!

If we are friends on Facebook then you know I have had a heck of a past few weeks. Hospital visits, emergency surgery and lots of being sick, so this will be long.

I started off Round 3 on the 23rd of October. I thought it was all going well until I woke up at 5:00am the next morning vomiting for an hour and a half. This was not fun for me or my mom. The next few days of chemo were fine. I never had any issues with it again till the last day of chemo. I took my chemo right before bed like I always do and within like 3 minutes, I threw up yet again. So I tried to figure out why I kept throwing up. I had never done this on this chemo before it was weird to me. I always felt better after it happened and the only connection between the two was that I had eaten chicken. So I started thinking maybe I can’t have chicken during the time I am taking chemo.

The following weekend my mom and I went up to Fayetteville to be a surprise because one of my best friends/college roommate was getting engaged!!! It was a great Saturday and she said yes (which we all knew she would). So we all spent the day celebrating them.

The next morning, however, we were planning to head back home after church and lunch, but my body had different plans for us that day. I woke up with terrible pain in my lower right abdomen. It would kill me to make quick movements, walk or cough. It especially hurt if you pushed into the area. I kept pushing the pain off so we could go to church and lunch. Then I finally agreed with my mom that I would take my temperature and call the oncologist. He wanted me to get checked out at the ER before I spent 5 hours in a car driving home. So we went into the ER after lunch and found out I had an acute appendicitis (it was dilated but did not rupture) and needed surgery to remove it. So Monday morning I had surgery to remove it and headed back to Texas that afternoon. Let me just say driving home after you just had surgery 12 hours ago is extremely painful.

So I spent the past week resting at home from my surgery and each day would get a little better but then I slowly started having back pain. Along with having back pain, I started uncontrollably vomiting again, a few days later. My mom had made baked chicken for dinner and it tasted great until 10 minutes later when I was throwing it up. Chicken is now officially staying out of my diet. However, my vomiting didn’t just stop at the chicken. It became uncontrollable vomiting. And when you vomit a lot, you use your back muscles which resulted in me having worse back pain than before. For maybe an hour or two I was okay and not throwing up, but I finally decided around 3am that we needed to go to the hospital to get it under control. So we made it to the hospital and was being pumped with fluids, nausea meds and pain meds. It was around 5am I stopped throwing up. So from 9pm-5am I would be throwing up and could not hold a single thing down.

So Saturday I was checked out by a general surgeon to make sure that my appendicitis surgery Monday didn’t have a complication and it didn’t which was good news. We still didn’t know why I kept feeling nauseous and having back pain. I basically spent Saturday sleeping and trying to eat a little, but I still didn’t feel great so we stayed one more night and I felt SO much better the next day. So I went home Sunday afternoon, I can finally eat again and I feel completely back to normal. I would like to stay out of hospitals from now on haha.

Prosthetist update: Things have been going well. I am working on my leg right now. We are working on the fitting of my socket and it’s a very long process but it is weird/hard to walk/balance again.

Scans: My 9 weeks scans are on Wednesday the 13th at 10am. I will be having a PET scan. This will tell us if the chemo is working and I’m still clear since surgery. Please pray the scan is clear

Chemo round 4: I will most likely start chemo up again on the 13th. The doctors want to discuss it since I just had surgery and then went back into the hospital for something else. However, the plan is still the 13th.


  • Clear Scans
  • No more vomiting
  • Walking becomes easier/less painful
  • Round 4 to go well

**Also – PLEASE get your flu shot if you plan on seeing me in the next 4-5 months**

2 thoughts on “Round 3 Recap, Round 4 & 9 Week Scans

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  1. Wow. I have no idea how you are staying as strong as you are Mel. You are amazing! Praying God will strengthen your body & spirit. Hang in there! You have a lot of people cheering for you.

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  2. Melissa,
    I am so sorry that you have had such a struggle the last several weeks. I’m thankful God gave you such a strong determination, faith and support system! I will be praying for your scans to continue to be clear and for all side illnesses to be over. No more throwing up! God is with you! Lots of love and prayers for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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