Round 5 Anyday Now!

Hi Friends!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We spent our Thanksgiving out at my uncle’s ranch a few hours from our place. It’s always one of our favorite times of the year. My nieces were able to make it out and the oldest Claire was truly living her best life. She came once when she was 10 months old but obviously doesn’t remember it however she thinks she does. She made lots of gingerbread houses (mainly ate all the candy) and scared all the deer away when she said “boo!’ to them. It’s fun getting to watch her start building her memories and learning new things.

Well for me, round 4 was harder than round 3 if you could believe it because we can’t haha. The day I found out my scans were clear I started round 4 and of course threw up the first night, was nauseous 24/7, and barely ate any food. I honestly have never felt so physically weak before. Cole was able to be down for the weekend as I finished chemo which always makes me feel better, but I was sleeping a lot and just didn’t even want to look at food.

The following Wednesday we went back to the oncologist because they wanted to do a week check up since round 4 was bad and I’m really glad they did so they could keep a close eye on me. We decided that following my amputation and starting this chemo my weight has slowly started to decline. It is not anywhere that is concerning but of course we want to keep an eye on it and keep it where it is. Which this is a very difficult thing when I have zero appetite, I mean my stomach doesn’t growl when it’s hungry so I have to remind myself to eat, it has gotten much better! I had been on an appetite stimulant for a while and the doctor decided that one wasn’t working and switched it to another one. However, I haven’t taken it because I have been able to eat on my own without the stimulant which I think is great. Plus it is perfect timing because we just had Thanksgiving so I could eat as much as I wanted!

Other than taking the chemo going poorly and side effects starting to linger longer than usual, we also decided that this next round of chemo should be done in the hospital. While I don’t prefer to spend 5-6 days there we think it’s best to be able to control my nausea and chemo intake there. We hope this will kind of act as a reset for taking chemo and then I can continue it on back at home after this round. Our hope was to go into the hospital tomorrow but we are not sure if we will go in then or exactly when as we wait for insurance to approve this request! Crossing our fingers for tomorrow or Thursday!

After a crazy November, I was finally able to get back to work on my prosthesis. We are getting close to the final leg! Next week I get to walk on a similar leg to what I will have as a final product and I am very excited about that!

As a lot of you know getting back to school at Arkansas as been my main focus after finishing chemo but I’m excited to finally say I am going to graduate this month! While I am sad to not have my final semester, I am very glad that I am getting to graduate and getting to do it with Cole, how fun!!


  • Round 5 goes smoothly with no vomiting/nausea
  • My limb continues to get stronger so walking becomes easier
  • Cancer stays away for good
  • Appetite comes back

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  1. Melissa, I am so sorry that the chemo has been getting worse each time. I will be praying that this next round starts soon and ends without any trouble for you. Still praying for your leg to strengthen and that you adjust to your prosthesis easily, AND for the cancer to be gone for all eternity! Congratulations on your pending graduation! That is awesome and exciting!
    Leslie Bowman

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