Round 6 + Life Update!!

Hi Friends!

I meant to get this blog out this past Monday but man, the holidays make everything so busy and crazy. I feel like we’ve been going since Monday of last week and will not stop until mid-January.

Round 5 was done in the hospital last time and went extremely well. I was able to eat and did not throw up – which these are two very big accomplishments for me! My weight has stabilized which is awesome. I overall had a very good experience doing this round inpatient. I have been able to eat normal portions every day and enjoy all the food, even chicken again!

We’ve been very busy the past few weeks with Christmas shopping and doctor appointments. Last week I finally received my prosthetic! I have been wearing it on my wearing schedule and walking with both crutches. So the first day I wear it for one hour, the second day is two hours and each new day you add one more hour on. I have built up to 6.5 hours which was today but it really does hurt my limb after a while. I am hoping that the more I wear it, the pain will go away. I start physical therapy at the beginning of January, which will help me begin the process to be able to walk unassisted which means without crutches!!! I can’t wait for that day.

After I received my leg we were heading up to Arkansas to celebrate Cole’s graduation at his graduation party, so I thought. We had both graduated this past Saturday (yay we’re adults!!!) and Cole had planned the whole day for us doing all of my favorite things which I loved. He did all this which led up to him proposing to me and now we are ENGAGED!! We were able to celebrate with all our dear friends and family that night which made it even more special. We are very excited about this new season of life we get to start building together!

Right now I am in the hospital starting round 6 of chemotherapy and I will be here till Tuesday, so if you’re in the Dallas area and don’t know what to do with all your time we are always happy to have visitors!!


  • Round 6 goes well
  • My limb heals from the pain of wearing my prosthesis
  • Cancer stays away for good

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  1. Congratulations on your engagement! I saw Cole’s post and it made me so happy! I’ll be praying for your requests. I know God is right there with you, healing and strengthening your limb to adjust to walking pain free again. Lots of love and prayers for you!

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