Round 6 + 18 Week Scans

Hi Friends!

Happy 2020! I absolutely love saying that it is 2020, it’s so fun. We’ve already had a super busy 2020 but that’s okay, I really enjoy keeping busy. I can’t believe I’ve been doing chemo for a solid 15 months, that is nuts for me to think about.

We had round 6 right after Christmas. I was in the hospital for this one as the doctors felt it was best to continue treatment in the hospital to control my nausea/vomiting and we all agreed with them. Doing chemo in the hospital can be super boring but the treatment goes much smoother than at home. Overall, the treatment went fairly well. I was nauseous 24/7 for 6 days but that’s okay because I had nurses to help me through that.

This past Monday I started physical therapy to begin relearning how to do basic things now that I have a prosthetic and man is it hard haha. It’s been super interesting to relearn such simple things like how to sit and stand out of a chair, like who knew that I would have to learn something that feels so basic. We will continue PT 3 times a week for as long as I need until I can walk unassisted (without crutches).

This past Monday I also had 3 month check-up with the surgeon. We had an x-ray done of my limb to make sure everything looked good and it was all great! The surgeon was very pleased with my healing and how I’m getting around. We will continue with 3 month check-ups to make sure everything is still healing smoothly.

Now tomorrow we have 18 week scans. These scans are just routine in my chemotherapy treatment. We will have a Chest CT done tomorrow around 1pm to make sure there is still no evidence of cancer in my body and continue on from there! We ask that you pray for no cancer to be found and it all to be gone forever.


  • No evidence of cancer
  • PT continues to help strengthen my limb for walking
  • Side effects continue to lessen to my body can continue to be strong

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  1. Melissa, I will be praying for all of those things and trusting the Lord for your continued healing and good health! I’m so thankful that you He has given you strength and healing so far. You are very strong and brave! Lots of love to my little cousin-to-be! 🙂
    Leslie Bowman

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