Scan Results + I’m Done! We Did It!

Hi Friends!

Wow! Okay, so we’ve just processed our doctor appointments for the past few weeks because things have been constantly changing! We haven’t said anything because we wanted to wait for the doctors’ final decision on how we would proceed with treatment.

First off, my chest CT came back great and clear! Praise God! The doctors were pleased with how it looked.

There’s been some talk for a while with the team on how much longer I’d continue chemotherapy. This was first brought up last month while I was doing Round 5 in the hospital because Round 3 & 4 made me super sick at home. Round 4 being the worst, which landed me in the hospital for Rounds 5 & 6 so the doctors and nurses could monitor and help me at any time. We were happy with doing the rounds in the hospital knowing I would have constant care for the side effects and because I just could not handle them at home anymore.

With all that said, and my reaction to this chemotherapy being so unpredictable, the doctors decided that we would do our routine scans after Round 6 and they would discuss whether to continue on with more treatment or not.

It’s been decided that I am now done with treatment! I will still be monitored closely with scans every 12 weeks. They feel I’ve handled more rounds of this chemotherapy than most could, had a great surgery (amputation) and that we haven’t seen any evidence of cancer since August.

I am very happy to say that after over 100 nights in a hospital, 20 rounds of chemotherapy, 10 transfusions, 7 surgeries, 7 chemotherapy drugs, countless PT sessions & needle pokes, that we can leave it all in 2019.

Fighting cancer twice is enough for me, so no cancer or chemotherapy in 2020 for me!


  • Always be praying for the cancer to stay away forever
  • Strength to walk unassisted with my prosthetic

7 thoughts on “Scan Results + I’m Done! We Did It!

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  1. PRAISE THE LORD! This is such great news! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us. You have been an encourager to many! Praying Gods continued blessings as you continue to walk with Him in your life journey!!


  2. So encouraged by you! May God continue to heal you and guide you! Your bravery, strength and courage are incredible examples to the rest of us! Thanking God today for you!

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