So, i’m Having Surgery During A Pandemic

Hi Friends!

It has been awhile since I’ve been on here! I hope that you’re doing well during this wild first half of 2020, but i’m sure you’re wondering why I am having surgery.

Don’t worry, my cancer isn’t back we already checked. So, ever since mid-January I have been having pain at the end of my limb and we weren’t sure why. It kept getting worse with the more progress I was making during my physical therapy. The pain wasn’t constant, it was only when I moved or stepped a specific way, it was like a nerve would get pinched and shoot up to my back. So over the past several months I’ve had several scans, different medicines, different doctors and a biopsy, we have finally decided to move forward with surgery.

The surgery will be on Thursday, May 7th. My surgeon believes the pain is caused by the end of my femur bone. There is a little chip on the end of my bone he believes is poking a nerve or the area that I am feeling pain in. So he will go in with a small incision and just file down the end of my femur to make it smooth again. It’s just like filing down your nails, but in this case a bone.

The unfortunate part of this surgery is I have to go alone and stay alone due to the covid restrictions at the hospital. I will stay overnight for observation and should be able to go home on Friday if everything looks good and my pain in managed.

Also, I was supposed to have 3 month scan last month but due to covid, my scan had to be rescheduled to the end of May, May 27th to be exact. So my 3 month scan has now become a 5ish month scan! I’ll just be having a chest CT and blood work done that day to make sure all is still well, but we believe it is!


  • Surgery on Thursday goes smoothly with minimal pain
  • This surgery resolves the pain I’m having
  • My 5ish month scan is clear

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