9 Month Scan Results, Post-Surgery Update, & Prosthetic Update

Hi Friends!

I hope everyone is still staying safe during this time. I know 2020 continues to throw curve balls at all of us. Here are my updates for the past 3 months!

9 Month Scans – At the end of May I had my 6 month scans. Basically we ended up delaying my 3 month scans so much due to covid, my 3 month scans turned into my 6 month scans. My 6 month & 9 month scans were both great! In November I will have my 1 year anniversary scans, which is crazy to think about. I can’t believe that I am even 9 months clear.

Post-Surgery Update – I had a revision surgery on my amputated leg at the beginning of May. I’ve recovered well! I met with my surgeon today for a 3 month follow up and we are both so pleased with the results of the surgery! I’ve finally been able to walk in my prosthetic pain free and believe the surgery was successful.

Prosthetic Update – In the middle of June I was cleared to wear my prosthetic again. I had to have a new socket made due to the surgery and it fits so well now. I took it home last weekend for a test weekend and it was great. I will pick up my final leg this Friday and start Physical Therapy on Wednesday!

I appreciate everyone who always checks in on me to see how I am doing and I’m grateful for your friendships!

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