Cancer Sucks

You hear it a lot and you agree with it, but when you find out you have it, “cancer sucks” takes on a whole different meaning. Yes, I have cancer. Monday - My doctor and I decided to push little more about the pain/mass in my leg because something felt more off than usual. I... Continue Reading →

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Surgery Consultation and 3 Month Scan Results!

Hi Friends! While I didn't get to go into the hospital for round 6 on 1.28.19 I had a good week to get my counts, platelets, and hemoglobin back up to where they were supposed to be. I had another blood transfusion during this week delay (that makes 3 now lol) which really helped with... Continue Reading →

1 1/2 Rounds till Surgery!

Friends, I hope everyone is doing well in this new year and new semester at school. It's been sad and fun to see all my friends go back to Arkansas because I miss them a lot, but I love hearing about things going on back in my favorite town. While I wasn't admitted to the... Continue Reading →

Almost Halfway There!

Friends, How I have made it to week 6 truly amazes me. I will be very honest and say there are days I cannot imagine doing this for 6-7 more months. 1 month is enough for me. However, I have good days and bad days like anyone else. The bad days usually consist of lots... Continue Reading →

Round 2 and Done!

Friends, I have survived Round 2 of chemo which means we are 1/3 of the way there till surgery! I realized I haven't given many health updates but rather life updates on here, so I wanted to give a few health updates since I've started chemo. My tumor has responded well to chemo thus far.... Continue Reading →

Round 2 – Lets Go

Friends, I thought I'd use part of this post to further explain my treatment because I don't think I did a very good job in one of my previous blogs lol. I also want to clarify the picture has nothing to do with this blog, I just think it's too cute. So, how the treatment... Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Kinda

Friends, Let me tell you - I understand now why they make you have fluids 24/7 in the hospital even though it is annoying after like 2 hours. I've been home for a few days now after my first week of chemo and I am exhausted. There's a lot more you have to be aware... Continue Reading →

Praise God for He is SO GOOD!

Friends, These past few days have been so busy but so good! Monday - I had surgery to place my double port and remove one of my ovaries. Everything went just as the doctors had planned. I spent most of the day sleeping and recovering because it was a big day for me. Later that... Continue Reading →

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