Cancer Sucks

You hear it a lot and you agree with it, but when you find out you have it, “cancer sucks” takes on a whole different meaning. Yes, I have cancer. Monday - My doctor and I decided to push little more about the pain/mass in my leg because something felt more off than usual. I... Continue Reading →

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Post-Surgery Update

Hi Friends, I had surgery on Tuesday, 8.20.19, in the morning and I have been doing well since then. I spoke with the suregon this morning and he was able to get very clear margins during my surgery. We should learn more about whether or not I qualify for the clinical trial. I should start... Continue Reading →

We’ve Had Better Days

Oh Friends, I wish I had better news to post on here but I don't. I wish there was a way to sugarcoat what has been going on this past week, or for it not to be real, but that isn't the case. We've shed so many tears and felt so many emotions in the... Continue Reading →

Scan Results & Further Testing

Hi Friends! We received our scan results a few hours ago and will need to go in tomorrow for further testing. The test will be done tomorrow 8.9.18 at 12pm. We would greatly appreciate prayers for clear results and no evidence of cancer. We should have the results within a week.

Post-Treatment Scans

Hi Friends! I went in for a count check on Wednesday 7.31.19 and all is well. My counts, chemistries, and hemoglobin were great. My platelets were a little low but hopefully they'll rise soon. When we were at the oncologist we scheduled our first set of post-treatment scans. This first year I will have to... Continue Reading →

0 Days Left. Next up, Scans!

Hi Friends! Well we did it! I'm done with chemotherapy and so so happy. I went in for round 14 on 7.16.19 and finished it on 7.20.19 then went home on 7.21.19. It was exhausting and draining but I'm so glad it's behind me. Throughout my round I had to have 2 more blood transfusions... Continue Reading →

10 Days To Go!

Hi Friends! Today I finished round 13, which means I have one more round to go. A lot of people ask me if I'm excited or happy, of course, I am but it hasn't set in for me yet. This has been my life for 9 months, it doesn't feel like it's coming to an... Continue Reading →

3.5 weeks!!!

Friends! Can you believe we're only 3.5 weeks away from chemotherapy being done? I have a hard time still grasping that I have had cancer, there's no way I can grasp that it's almost over. Also, I love the quote I used on this blog because throughout this season God has just continued to show... Continue Reading →

8 Weeks Away From FREEDOM

Friends! Sorry for not writing more - sometimes I forget I have a blog lol. We've been up to a lot in the past few weeks! I'm going to do week by week recap because I always leave something out on accident and I'm going to try not to do that this time. The week... Continue Reading →

10 Weeks to Go!

Friends! Boy am I glad that April is over. Last time I wrote was the beginning of April and I had to go straight to the hospital after I posted my blog because I had a fever. Well in the past month I have had 2 more rounds of chemo, a little surgery, finished all... Continue Reading →

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