Cancer Sucks

You hear it a lot and you agree with it, but when you find out you have it, “cancer sucks” takes on a whole different meaning. Yes, I have cancer. Monday - My doctor and I decided to push little more about the pain/mass in my leg because something felt more off than usual. I... Continue Reading →

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One Year Scan Results

Hi Friends! This past Monday I had my one year post treatment scans, so wild. I don’t know my plan for this blog besides just simple updates of scans, but maybe that’s a good thing! I had a Chest CT & limb x-ray to make sure everything is still the same & there’s no cancer.... Continue Reading →

Scan Results + I’m Done! We Did It!

Hi Friends! Wow! Okay, so we've just processed our doctor appointments for the past few weeks because things have been constantly changing! We haven't said anything because we wanted to wait for the doctors' final decision on how we would proceed with treatment. First off, my chest CT came back great and clear! Praise God!... Continue Reading →

Round 6 + 18 Week Scans

Hi Friends! Happy 2020! I absolutely love saying that it is 2020, it's so fun. We've already had a super busy 2020 but that's okay, I really enjoy keeping busy. I can't believe I've been doing chemo for a solid 15 months, that is nuts for me to think about. We had round 6 right... Continue Reading →

Round 6 + Life Update!!

Hi Friends! I meant to get this blog out this past Monday but man, the holidays make everything so busy and crazy. I feel like we've been going since Monday of last week and will not stop until mid-January. Round 5 was done in the hospital last time and went extremely well. I was able... Continue Reading →

Round 5 Anyday Now!

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We spent our Thanksgiving out at my uncle’s ranch a few hours from our place. It’s always one of our favorite times of the year. My nieces were able to make it out and the oldest Claire was truly living her best life. She came once... Continue Reading →

9 Week Scan Results & Round 4

Hi Friends! So we got back the PET scan results yesterday afternoon and they are clear! Which is all we could've hoped for. I still need to continue chemo but that parts getting harder each day. I started round 4 last night and was throwing up again throughout the night 😦 So many prayers for... Continue Reading →

Round 3 Starts Tomorrow!

Hi Friends! Sorry, it has been so long.  Writing an updated blog has been on my to-do list but every time I realize I haven't written it, its bedtime lol. Round 2 went much smoother than round 1. We found a different way to take one of the chemotherapy drugs I'm on and it has... Continue Reading →

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